Coaching is individual, specialist, one-to-one counselling and assistance over a limited period aimed at development and change. 

What happens in coaching?

I do not provide you with ready-made solutions, but give you support in dealing with professional and private issues. My approach is to strengthen your own ability to find solutions using various methodical techniques. Essentially this means there will be discussions focussing on solutions and resources, combined with training and practice elements.

And these are the benefits:

•    You gain clarity and a sense of inner structure.
•    You recognise typical patterns and develop strategies for change.
•    You learn to recognise and use your own resources in a targeted way.
•    You gain energy, motivation and the courage to master challenges.
•    You will gain certainty when making important decisions.
•    You learn quickly and effectively

What is the first step?

You simply have to call me: Tel. 0761/48 9797 23
Or send me an e-mail and we will arrange your first Resonance appointment.

And what happens then?

In our first discussion you will get to know me and my way of working.
We will arrange further sessions when you and I are both sure that we can work together openly, constructively and with confidence.

Sessions can take place at your home, at my practice rooms or in a relaxed, neutral atmosphere such as out in the open air (Outdoor Coaching).

From experience, a series of coaching sessions involves between three and ten sessions of one to two hours. These may take place over varying periods of up to ten months. During this time, I will support you, as the advocate of your true desires, in reaching your professional and personal goals.

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